Quality becomes Standard!

"Quality starts with putting satisfied customers at the center of your thinking."
John F. Akers (*1934), former chairman of IBM

Already, software has migrated into almost every industry and the importance of software solutions for various company activities and private uses is growing steadily. The use of software permits controlling and streamlining of work processes. With the growing importance of software comes the simultaneously increasing demand in its stability and availability. Faulty software can disrupt work processes and lead to losses in sales and profit.

The requirements placed on software increase all the time and changes are frequent. For example:

  • New standards, formats and protocols
  • Application in complex heterogeneous environments
  • Globalization (networking, time zones and multilingual abilities)
  • High number of parallel users
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Strict safety requirements

These influences on software and its creation as well as permanent deadline pressure make quality assurance an absolute must.
Quality assurance measures should be incorporated into all phases of software development starting at the definition of requirements, including their implementation and all the different test phases, all the way to the final checks and the real-life application of the software.

As an independent entity quality assurance ensures that the use of software has a positive effect on the business climate and does not become an incalculable risk.

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